Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reason Number 5 - Sweats and Hoodies

I got caught up in the Holiday weekend, so I am a few reasons off, but I will try to finish those as the day goes along.

Nonetheless, reason number five I love September is the use of sweats and hoodies.  You trade in your shorts and tees and cozy up in soft cotton pantalones and a snuggly hood.  There is something really nice to me about waking up in the morning and tossing on a pair of sweats and a hoody and watching Gameday or heading out into the increasingly chillier mornings and being shielded with these articles of clothing to run some errands.  They bring a relaxation and laziness to everyday life that just kind of slows things down a bit.  This weekend it was finally time to bust both sweats and a hoodie out and that is not a bad thing.  So I urge all of you in due respect to September to go pick up a fresh new pair of sweats or a new hoodie, because we all know when new brushed cotton rubs against the skin it brings a smile to our face!

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