Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reason Number 26 - Fall Walks/Runs/Rides

Reason number twenty-six is summed up in moving around in some capacity outside in the fall weather and scenery.  If you want to get out and truly enjoy the splendor of September and all its offerings you should embark on a run, walk, or ride - all of these activities seem to be enhanced in September.  Playing on a common theme throughout any September joy; the changing of the seasons, the cooler temperatures, foliage, etc., all play a vital role in increasing the enjoyment of a normal walk in the park, a fall jog, or even a car ride through the countryside.  Without a doubt there is a sense of happiness that comes with taking a walk on a chilly morning with a cup of coffee, cooling down after a nice run with a fall breeze, or driving through the landscape as it takes on a new form for the months ahead.  

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