Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reason Number 15 - Fog

Halfway through the month and the delights of September keep on pouring in, today’s special, fog.  Let’s see January try to pull this off - January 1st, new year, bowl games, resolutions you will break in two days, what a great start to a month… 30 days later, Jan 31st the only other good day in the month, the day of birth of my amazing little nephew and the month is over.  Keep holding dear to September and embrace its splendor.  

As you have probably experienced this past week or so, and as previously mentioned, September brings us weather that is an alluring jumble of warmth and cold.  
Yesterday I was walking in the sun, UV rays embracing me in warmth, but as soon as I got under the trees a delightful gust of cool wind blew through my long locks of hair, invigorating to say the least.  By the same token, when a mass of warm air hits a mass of settled cold air foglamiaea (Latin for fog naturally) is formed.  

This morning driving to work over Sylvan I got my first glimpse of fall fog.  Fog plain and simple, is neat; it brings with it a tranquility, calmness, and romance of nature.  Your eyes and senses relax as your world becomes smaller, the fog drawing the shades on the sun, hovering low to the ground, and encapsulating the trees.  It is pretty to look at and creates complementary scenes of fall Foliage (Reason 11).  There are going to be plenty of beautiful foggy settings to come, so enjoy the calmness and loveliness of fall fog.

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