Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reason Number 28 - The Angle of The Sun

We are all caught up and we are only a few days away from the end of the greatest month on the calendar, reason number twenty-eight is brought to you by geometry and the earths axis, and it is the angle of the sun.  You may think I am pulling for straws trying to find enough reasons September is amazing and the angle of the sun is not worthy, how does it apply, can you even quantify it as a quality, and to these questions, just keep reading, I have had this idea from the get go.  

It is simple and subtle, yet dramatic and powerful.  This time of year the angle of the sun creates a whole new world and it is honestly one of my favorite things about fall, it enhances absolutely everything.  If you take a second to notice this evening and some of the next beautiful sunny mornings to come this fall you will notice the angle of the sun and how it is at a lower angle than other times of the year, this due to the fall equinox.  This time of the year the sun beams through the beautiful fall colors, it stretches the shadows cast across the varying landscapes.  Sunsets become more vibrant and take on richer tones, some of the most beautiful of the year, for the Northwest at least.  Take a drive and notice the sun cutting in and out like a flickering light as it breaks through branches and trees splashing a color show of stripes on the road ahead.  Yeah they days are becoming shorter, but when does 6-7pm become more romantic than it is right now.  Ask any photographer and they are going to tell you the best times to take pictures to create dramatic effects are a little after sunrise and a little before sunset, with the angle of the sun we get to multiply this out even more.  It is still the same sun every other day of the year, so yes it is pretty simple, but sometimes the simple things are what matter most and for me the angle of the sun is amazing.    

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