Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reason Number 16 - Comfort Food

The clouds darkened, the temperature drew back, and the rains fell, you found yourself with a shiver of cold striking you down to the bones.  The increasing darkness and the cold made you a little drowsy and strangely hungry on your drive home from work; what to eat for dinner?  Does this sound familiar?  I experienced this scenario yesterday, and this is where we find reason number sixteen, September brings in the season of plumping ourselves up from time to time with comfort food.  

Summer carries with it light chilled beverages, chicken kabobs, cold fruit, and other frozen treats.  Sure a burger is in there every now and again at a bbq, but for the most part we enjoy chilled food on the lighter side of the menu.  Conversely, there something about a chilly fall night with rain that makes you want to eat something that has some substance, “sticks to the bones” if you will.  A nice lasagna, some hearty steak and potatoes, grilled cheese and tomato soup, meatloaf, perhaps even pork chops and applesauce accompanied by a freshly baked apple pie (all supplied by your trip to the Fruit Loop).  I can’t sit here and tell you what you like to use as a utensil to eat baked mac-n-cheese, a spoon, a fork, a spork, I don’t know, that is up to you and your meal, I won’t make that call, but I do know it hits the spot on a cold rainy night.  This time of year the oven starts to get more burn (no pun), the kitchen is filled with heat, the scent of warm toasty food, and women naturally (haha, I kid, come on) and these kinds of evenings when we find ourselves wanting to occasionally fatten up on a carb loaded feast of pasta to wrap our tummys with a sense of fullness and inner warmth.  So put down the lemonade in exchange for hot apple cider, forget the deli cold cuts and step into the land of slow cooked pot roast and enjoy a nice warm fall meal.  

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