Friday, September 3, 2010

Reason Number 3 - Yuppy Jackets

Us folk born and bread in the PNDub (Pacific Northwest) know them well it is part of our culture... they are what I like to call the Portland T-Shirt. You first took note of them around 6th or 7th grade, you talked your parents into buying you that North Face Denali jacket - or vest, let's not kid, fleece vests were pretty sweet in middle school. Maybe you went with the classic black or tried to pull off the more bold red, either way at this juncture you stepped into the lifestyle of being a yuppy jacket owner. September rolls around and you busted out that trusty and trendy jacket and headed to the big High School football games on Friday night to spit game at the other 12 year olds...

Times have now progressed, but trusty and trendy are still here to stay. The North Face Denali is out and so are umbra-ella-ella-ella ays, water is meant to be blocked by our new yuppy jackets. We have transitioned into bonded fleece softshells, 3-Layer Gore-Tex, fully taped seems, waterproof zippers, and chin guards softer than the wool of a freshly groomed baby lamb. These jackets caress you, hug you intimately, and provide the safety and protection of a loving father from the elements fall will soon bring. You stay warm in amazement of your thin shell, yet cool due to intricately placed pit-zips on warm September days. The wind beats and tries to cut, but it's blocked by the finely woven fleece, the water sheds away, but you breathe out, you are amazed by the sprinkle of magic in each of these high-end finely crafted jackets. And let's not be confused, I am not talking about Columbia Titanium here, we are talking Arc'Teryx, Patagonia, Haglofs, Norrona, North Face.

September allows the opportunity not only to bring out your trusty jacket from the previous year, but it also brings new excitement to be an American consumer and scour the web and yuppy jacket stores alike for the new fall line of the finest jackets the US Dollar can buy. Will this new jacket have an additional trinket pocket? A new color? A Recco avalanche device? A goggle wipe? Who knows, but September brings this answer! Which is reason number three I love September, it is time to get your yuppy jacket on and where that Gore-Tex logo like a right of passage as a true Pacific Northwesterner. A color for each day is what I say, we will be wearing them like t-shirts the next 284 days.

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  1. this is true. north face + 12 years old + friday night football = mad game spitting