Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reason Number 8 - The Slowdown of Life

This one may seem somewhat ambiguous, but I also feel you may know what I am talking about. A certain feeling almost hits you out of nowhere, you find yourself a little more relaxed, a little less stretched out, with fewer obligations, and more you time. All of a sudden life just seems to slow down, and for me it always happens in September. You spend all summer hitting up bbq’s, parties, outdoor activities, weddings, golfing, or for me also heading to that gold digging whore Home Depot every Saturday and Sunday. You enjoy these activities and look forward to every summer to take part in them, but after a while you can get a little burnt out and could settle for a slowdown - like Dierks Bentley (I like song references for play on words).

One day all of a sudden you look out on a rainy day, look at the fall colors; you can feel the change of seasons and there is something soothing about it. In a gaze and thought you realize you are a little less tense and kind of in a daze. It leaves you time to think, ponder, plan, rest, put the engine back in neutral and chill for a bit. For me it kind of hit me in the car the other day, I almost felt like I was driving slower, I was in less of a hurry, and I was just a little more relaxed, I am experiencing the calming and slowdown of life that occurs every September. I think we are blessed with the opportunity between the summer and holiday hurries to settle down and embrace this period of slowdown. So if you experience this same feeling, soak it up, enjoy the down time, get some you time, take a nap in the middle of the day (going to happen in about 12 minutes for me), kick back, enjoy a movie night on a Tuesday and cuddle up in a blanket (Reason 6). Take pleasure in breathing in deep and enjoying September and all its amazing offerings.

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