Monday, September 27, 2010

Reason Number 21 - Crisp Golf

Reason number twenty-one, which in fact could simply be the number twenty-one because the number harnesses such power, would be crisp golf.  What is crisp golf you ask?  It is golf played in a climate of cool, dry, somewhat chilly weather.  Golf where you rep a quarter-zip dri-fit and never break a sweat.  Your ball doesn’t fly as much, you aren’t as loose, but you play in control and a little tighter around the hole.  The wind whips a little more than normal and takes a bite as you breathe cool air deep into your lungs, refreshed and invigorated.  Coffee is substituted for Gatorade and hot hands are in your pockets as your approach your ball.  The season is coming to an end, but you tie together what you have developed all summer to card that last low round before tucking the trusty 8-iron in for the winter slumber.  You approach the game with a new outlook, you play knowing this round could be the last for many months to come, and you see the course take on a new view with the colors of fall foliage.  Being outdoors, playing the game you love, and enjoying the combination of fresh and cold air is a pure joy for golfers that only comes in a short period each year, so don’t forget to get outside and get 18 in before the weather turns.  

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