Monday, September 27, 2010

Reason Number 19 - My Man's Birthday

My man Dan Sagers is reason number nineteen.  On September 19, 1983 Dan took his first breath as a baby, this moment marks a monumental day for the month of September.  From that moment on he has blessed the world with his presence and continually grows as a Godly man.   Dan is honest, sincere, engaged, encouraging, and a role model for all men to look to.  Plain and simple anyone who can call him a friend is better for it.  

Each year Danimal gets to do celebrate his birthday in the month of September and that is pretty amazing.  It is like a shindig in a party, a festival in a celebration, a mazel in a tov, you simply get to take an already great month and a great day and multiply them together in greatness, yes three greats one sentence, four if you count the counting of each great, which would now make that five.  So this day becomes a holiday, Dan Sagers will long hold on to the 19th day of September and hold it as his own, long live my man’s day of birth.  

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