Monday, September 27, 2010

Reason Number 20 - Heated Seats

Reason number twenty, two-thirds of the way home, would be heated seats.  Heated seats to this day rank up next to sliced bread and the Trapper Keeper ™ as the being in the top five inventions of all time.  On cold fall mornings and/or evenings you simply press a button, roll a dial, or click a switch to feel warmth radiate down your back and butt to cut any chill you initially felt as you entered your automobile.  It ends up giving you a heat massage, loosening muscles, relaxing your body, and making your drive that much more enjoyable.  I love the ability of heated seats to make you feel like you are tucked in a warm blanket as you look out at the visibly cold elements outside of your whip knowing you are going to stay nice and toasty as you maneuver through traffic.  Furthermore on this, Jeep has now released a heated steering wheel in their new Grand Cherokees, which only seems to be a logical next step in heated car enjoyment. 

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