Monday, September 13, 2010

Reason Number 11 - Fall Foliage

Moment of silence for 2001… Reason eleven is a quintessential aspect of fall – foliage.  The changing color of autumn leaves is without a doubt one of the more breathtaking and beautiful sights we get to experience on this planet, it is truly something amazing.  As the days begin to shorten and the lack of water becomes evident, trees start to settle in for a long winter and stop the process of photosynthesis.  In turn this “leaves” (haha, get it) us with a brilliant display of bright, bold, and vibrant red, yellow, purple, orange, and brown leaves.  It is as though God is painting on the canvas of the world and delighting all who inhabit with a color pallet of natural beauty. Not even a 55” Edge-Lit LED TV with 3D goggles can replace what we get to see with our own eyes every September-November.  I don’t know a soul who does not enjoy the changing color of leaves and the exciting autumn colors trees provide to us each fall. September is the month that kicks this ever-changing color show off, so make sure to head out on these sunny days to come and enjoy not only the outdoors, but all the beautiful fall foliage we are blessed with in the northwest.

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