Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reason Number 30 - The Anticipation of The Holiday Season

Well folks, we are here, thirty days have past, September has been September, and fall is soon upon us.  I close this blog with the 30th and final reason as to why September is my dearest month on the calendar and it is the anticipation of the holiday season.  

Now I must preface, when I use the word "holiday" I use this in the context of the conglomerate of holidays/events that occur over the next three month period.  This would include, but is not limited to Halloween, Thanksgiving, shopping the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years, college bowl games, etc., this however excludes Kwanza, Canadian Boxing day, and any other fake holiday annoying people makeup.  Though menorahs are commonplace in New York, diamond stores, and majority of law firms during this period previously stated, and I recognize Hanukah as a holiday, it is not included in my definition of the “holiday season”.  Furthermore, it should not be misconstrued; there is a strong difference between the “holiday” season and “Christmas” season.  The Holiday season encapsulates both Thanksgiving and New Years, whereas Christmas encompasses the most heart-warming period of the year between these two “Holidays”.  This is why you say “Merry Christmas” and there is no reason to every actually say “Happy Holidays”, there is only one Holiday at a time, but I digress…

Today marks the last day of September, which puts us in the month of October, which will soon kick off harvest festivals, all hallows eve, and soon Thanksgiving.  The weather is going to turn and the parties will be aplenty like the eggnog flowing from Christmas parties in a few months time.  Though the season has not fully started the anticipation is sometimes just as tantalizing.  You can’t help but to look ahead to the festivities to come over the closing months of the year and get a little twinkle in your eye and pep in your step.  Each holiday could deserve its own blog entry so I won’t go in to too much detail, but I know you can feel the excitement coming.  Stores are stocking up on Christmas decorations, you have probably already looked for you Halloween costume, and turkeys are being plumped for their slaughter, free-range naturally.  We prep hard for this season, think about it…  You knit sweaters for this season, you cut down trees for this season, kill animals and stuff them on a silver platter, dress up in costumes, stab gourds and light them on fire for this season, scare children, make babies, carol, eat till you physically hurt, put additional lighting on your house, and rejoice in this season!  The anticipation is tough to bear, but soon we will take delight in the many holidays to come. 

I would like to close with a thank you to the month of September and all its beauty.  I look forward to October and all the joy the fall season will bring.  If you find yourself bored, please reference the many joys September brings to this time of year and embrace your time this fall.  DeuceUp-ATown-PeaceOut. 

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