Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reason Number 7 - The Star of The School Year

In days past we thrived in the summer months, we held on to them dear, and dreaded for the school year to come. For as long as I can remember though, secretly it was exciting to start the school year. Even today when I have no school to attend I still look forward to this time of the year to see those yellow school buses cruise around picking up all the young’ns with new Jansport backpacks and a fresh box of 64 different colors of Crayons. It is amazing what the new school year can bring, a new beginning, a new opportunity, a sense of anticipation in what could play out over the next 9-10 months, the world is ripe for the picking. I remember looking back heading to the school to see what teacher I had, who was in my class, what my supplies list was. You get to head to the store and pick out everything from Mr. Sketch Markers to Stanford Titanium 0.5mm mechanical pencils to TI-86 calculators to protractors to “peachies” to a fresh new pair of Nike kicks, you name it. You wake up early that fateful day, pop tags pull stickers and throw on your new gear. Strap up that 74lb backpack full of supplies and have mom give you that brown bag lunch. I can’t lie here and say that after this you hop on the bus, because after one day in Kindergarten on the yellow school bus, my parents quickly learned this is not the way I would roll to school, but the idea is still the same. You make your way to school with the hum of busses and the excitement of all the other kids, you walk carefully not to scuff your new Nike Air Max and find your way to your classroom where that familiar smell and feel remains for months to come. It is an experience like no other and a pretty fun one to look back on at that. Even as times progressed it was still fun, in college getting to head down a week or so prior to the start of school and see all your friends back in the same friendly confines of your respective college town, it was always a joy, always new excitement. September brings this time without question every year, so even though we continue day to day at our respective jobs and have no defined “new year” we can still take joy in this time and start fresh beginnings and bring new forms of excitement into our lives.

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