Monday, September 27, 2010

Reason Number 18 - Fires

Reason number 18 would be the delight of fire(s).  Though I with much disdain did not participate in a single bonfire on the beach this summer, which sickens me to the pit of my stomach, I know fall is going to bring fires with great abundance.  I have had one thus far and I thoroughly look forward to many more in the coming months. 

Fire has long been in our society, from a tool for cooking to heating fire has provided homes and bungalows with these necessities since at least the 1980’s, I am not sure if it existed before then.  Back then you would head out to the backyard, ax in hand, flannel on, and split wood to bring it inside and toss it on the open flames which you ignited with flint.  Today this is still commonplace in some regions, however we have also progressed to flipping a switch to turn on natural gas, or crackling Duraflame logs conveniently wrapped in paper that is easily lit.  Nonetheless there is something enchanting about fire, when encompassed in a fireplace that is, the whole burning buildings and fiery pit of hell is not something anyone desires.  There is something about the evenings as they continue to get darker and cooler where tossing in a few logs in the fire and hearing the crackling and seeing the flickering light that is peaceful and exciting at the same time.  It provides the perfect ambience for a relaxing evening and enhances your coziness factor by 2.8.  Though this week we are experiencing abnormally warm weather I hope you all look forward to the evenings of fires to come.  

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