Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reason Number 9 - Apple Season

Reason number nine September holds down the number one spot is yes, apple season. As I sit here eating an apple and already hit up Bucks this morning for a caramel apple cider I am taking part in arguably the most diverse fruit there is, a jack of all trades, or jack of all fruits if you will. What other fruits can boast such a resume; high in fiber, fun to eat, fun to throw, the fall of man, multiple colors, comes in a plethora of forms – juice, cider, sliced, pies, sauce, dried, etc. Not to mention, what other fruit can you think and ponder with? Surely not the watermelon, I know this. In any movie if someone is thinking or talking with a fruit it is naturally an apple; they toss it up and down, if it is a serious moment they take that annoyingly loud bite. You never see someone doing this with a pear, a kiwi, a cantaloupe, no, just the apple. We are blessed in Oregon to have a strong climate for growing this fruit and each September we get the opportunity to take part in the harvest season.

You can head to the Fruit Loop, after throwing on a nice Yuppy Jacket (Reason 3) and cruise the winding roads amidst beautiful landscapes to pick your apples by hand as in days past. After loading up on freshly picked apples and trying various apple flavored concoctions you can head home for a nice evening and if you are lucky perhaps a kind little lady will bake up a nice apple pie or can some apple sauce for a nice fall meal later on. The month of the apple – September, drink your cider and plan your apple picking trip!

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