Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reason Number 6 - Blankets

Reason number six I love September is because blankets are back in.  Much like sweats and hoodies (Reason 5) blankets bring a soft cozy feel and increased warmth.  Everyone who is normal loves to cuddle up, it is ingrained in us as we did so for 9 months in our mother's womb.  You now have moved away from the days of amniotic fluid and would now preferably curl and cuddle up with someone of the opposite sex, September and blankets provide this opportunity, we get to create our own lil warm cocoon.  With summers passing we move in to a season of colder weather and as we saw yesterday downpours of rain.  Even though it may be tough from time to time to see the warm days go, it still is nice to grab a blanket, curl up, take a nap, and/or watch a movie.  I know, right now you are thinking how amazing that would be.  Well, bright side is the time is here.  In a coming weekend join in with delight as you grab a blanket and cuddle up. 

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