Monday, September 13, 2010

Reason Number 13 - The First Fall Frost

Reason number thirteen definitely did not happen today, but I am eagerly awaiting its arrival; the first time you wake up and see the ground covered in frost. More likely than not September will welcome the first seasons chill. Though it is definitely nice to enjoy the lingering of summer’s warmth there is an excitement that comes with the first frost. There will be a morning coming soon when you will awaken from a nice cozy slumber…

**Side note here, I am not going to include this in another reason September is amazing, but it should be duly noted, another benefit of a frost filled morning is the warmth of a nice goose down pillow and comforter. You are slightly chilled, but the feathers of the goosey keep you warm and cozy, a fantastic thing. You know how part of the pillow and part of the comforter are warm, so if you wake up and get out of bed and then come back you can nuzzle back into the warm spots, yeah you do.**

…Back to the reason at hand, after awakening you throw on your sweats and hoodie (Reason 5) and saunter through your morning before you will head out to make the trek to work where you will be engulfed by a cold breath of fresh air. You will see your breath puff away in a billow of haze and your lungs will thank you for not living in a city of smog. This haze is not smoke nor pollution, it is your warm breath meeting ways with the crisp fall air. As the crisp air rejuvenates your senses and awakens you like 20oz of VISO you gaze upon the quieted ground covered in frost. Not quite a winterwonderland, but enjoyable nonetheless. This invigorating experience is just yet another reason why September has dominated the calendar for centuries.

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