Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reason Number 29 - Smells

With warm summer breezes and the aroma of evening bbq's fading away new fall smells and reason number twenty-nine are on their way in.  Though the human sense of smell is not near as keen as that of lets say a chocolate lab puppy it is still a powerful sense nonetheless.  Though we cant see them, smells are all around us and this powerful sense gets used plenty during the fall.

Aromas of fallen leaves and damp ground to home cooked meals, the plethora of reminiscent smells continue to pour in the closer to fall we get.  It is all a part of changing of the seasons and seems to bring excitement and emotion each year.  The sense of smell is strongly linked to our memory so it is fun to breathe in smells and be reminded of previous fall seasons.  With each fall smell excitement is to follow so breathe the fresh September air in deep and take delight.  

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