Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reason Number 14 - New Fall TV Series

Reason fourteen is the beginning of new television seasons/series.  As much as I would like to say I am above being stimulated by something as simple as television, I am not, my eyes love HD and I love The Office.  I look forward to it starting this fall and the laughter Dwight Schrute will bring to my life.  I will put myself in Jim’s shoes and pretend my real workplace is in fact “The Office”.  I will increasingly engage myself in this made up storyline as though it is real and look forward to tuning in every Thursday.  

Last night I was flipping through the channels and noticed Gossip Girl had the momentous “New” next to the episode header.  Now, don’t get caught up on me mentioning Gossip Girl, yes I know there is a Claire and Chuck Bass, but that is neither here nor there, I was flipping to watch my boy Mark Sanchez drop all of 60 yards and 6 first downs on ESPN.  Furthermore, don’t think I would ever watch a series on the CW, any company who supports the name Tyler Perry and considers it entertainment should not receive viewers who pay their cable bill.  Nonetheless, the point I am getting at is September starts the new fall line up of TV shows.  

Gone are the days of the star-studded lineups with the likes of Patrick Duffey and Step-by-Step holding down TGIF, talent and TV shows like that just don’t come around every decade folks, feel blessed to grow up in the days of the 90’s.  These days each media giant claims they have a new show worth your time come September, chalk full of C-List actors and Tom Sellek, so in agreement we tune in to watch these new smash hits and try to find out if there is going to be another series that catches our fancy.  I don’t know if you are in to singing cops or werewolves with bad gambling habits, I can’t answer this, but let yourself peruse the new series this fall and take a guess at how many make it past the pilot episodes.  The Office – September 24th 6am Central European Time, September 23rd 7pm Hawaiian, watch it.  

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