Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reason 1 - Changing of the seasons...

One may say, "Bjorn there are four seasons, so if you do the math that means there are four months that have "changing of the seasons", what would make September more enjoyable than the others?" 

To the of little understanding, no one talks about the other transitional months.  Do people really care when it gets from fall to winter, no, because at that juncture majority of the time us as Oregonians know winter as dark at 4pm, 38-48 degrees, and rainy.  So what about winter to spring, nope wrong again, people fully recognize this as the transition of rain to heavy rain.  Then what about spring to summer you say, everyone loves summer.  Precisely, people love summer, not what random month it may start heating up in, there is no defined month we get an abrupt transition of cold to warmth. 

Only September holds such power, in fact it harnesses power of the best of two seasons.  September still allows for the last signs of summer, the 85 degree day we all know and love, but it also gives you that beautiful first taste of crisp fresh air, the first morning you see your breath.  It invigorates your lungs, you get a little pep in your step.  You seem more alive and we always seem to welcome this change with open arms.  September is the only month to harness such energy.  You are still able to wear t-shirt and shorts, but at the same time you find yourself starting to bundle up for the increasingly colder mornings/evenings.  This reason is the first of many to come as to why September is my favorite month - it ignites a change of rejuvenation in the "changing of seasons".


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