Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reason Number 23 - Yard Work

Holding down the number twenty-three spot would be yard work.  At first this may seem ridiculous, but in fact I along with many others take great pride in manual labor and doing so in the fall adds to this.  There is immediate gratification in yard work; you can spend just 30 minutes mowing your yard or planting a few plants and your landscape takes on a whole knew shape and design.  

Summer is spent with hot days and wiping sweat off the brow, sowing your seed, baling hay, among other manual outdoor activities.  Not that I bale hay, but I do mow my lawn and plant things, and the cooler temperatures in the fall make this a very relaxing and rewarding job.  Also, it begins the season of raking leaves, and everyone enjoys a little leaf raking from time to time.  You remember the days back when, building up big piles of leaves and jumping around in them, one of those simple joys.  In the fall you also get to reap what you sow, pick up your pumpkins, shuck your corn, I don’t know, but whatever your crop may be those long days in the summer are now spent collecting your reward.  Harvest time. 

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