Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reason Number 24 - Weddings

“It’s been a hell of a season” the line goes in Wedding Crashers, reason twenty-four, weddings.  Come June-July-August weddings flood our schedules like hurricane Katrina, filling in the 5pm time slot on a good chunk of Saturdays throughout the summer.  Well, “wedding season” as scholars call it starts to wind down and come to a close in September, but this is where we find some great end of the season weddings, ala today September 24, 2010, the uniting of Spawntonio Holmes, the consecration of two loved ones on a beautiful September evening.  

Everyone loves weddings and rightfully so, they are extremely enjoyable events, everyone is happy, the mingling, the food, the drinks, the dancing, you name it, there is something for everyone, the entertainment does not end.  September weddings start to close down the season for a while, but they do not disappoint.  You can use all the wedding skills you have picked up all summer to have one last good performance.  Whether it is perfecting the skill of the awkward catch-up conversation, remembering to carry your drink in your left hand so you can politely shake with your right, engaging with people you should know, but don’t remember their name so you have to call them “champ”, “buddy”, “ace”, “Kevin”, either way you get to show up and celebrate with a peak wedding performance.  So a toast to September weddings and intoxicated adults above the age of 50 who love to dance at them. 

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