Monday, September 27, 2010

Reason Number 22 - Falling and Crunch Leaves

Reason number double-deuce would be falling and crunchy leaves.  You know the scene, cruising down the street on a fall day with those trees that line your common everyday road.  They have those circular leaves which have turned yellow, orange, and red and have come to a gentle rest on the pavement creating a tightened path for you to drive.  As you meander through the leaves they billow up to create a cloud of color all around you.  Or the scene of a nice fall day with wind gusting through the trees as though they are wind-chimes, releasing the leaves from the branches and into a freefall to the ground below.  The common areas we have seen for the past six months are now taking on a new shape and design as leaves begin to paint the ground we walk.  Every step you take you can hear the leaves crunching beneath your feet and as the wind blows the leaves roll across the ground with the familiar sound of dry leaves cracking on each tumble.  This seems so simple, which it is, but it is sometimes the simple things like this that bring joy to your normal routine.  Take a moment today and pay attention to the different beautiful sights and sounds of falling and crunchy leaves.  Just yet another reason why September is so uh-mazing!  

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