Friday, September 10, 2010

Reason Number 10 - Layering of Clothing

Reason number ten September is amazing is the proposition it poses for us as consumers and wearers of clothing to layer these articles. As mentioned in Reason 1 – Changing of The Seasons September boasts both warm and cool moments, but increasingly colder as the month progresses. As we have spent the past few months in the heat of summer we find ourselves wearing less of a variety of clothing. You dress to stay cool; you dress more or less out of necessity to keep the core body temperature at a reasonable 98.3 degrees. As fall rolls in we dawn new apparel in not only necessity to stay warm, but also to switch it up and throw a little “swag” on. So to sum up the layering of clothing in September, it brings in two facets, one of which is out of necessity the other of which is swag appeal and self expression.

We layer clothing out of necessity not knowing what the day may bring. You may very well see your breath in the morning and need a nice warm jacket or long sleeved shirt. However, by afternoon you may need to strip down to something a little cooler. This sometimes fun and sometimes annoying balance of what is best to wear is entertaining nonetheless.

The second facet of layering of clothing is based off self expression and buying cool new soft warm stuff. We all like to express ourselves for who we are, our personalities, tastes, style, etc. This is easily shown visually when you can wear different layers of clothing. So when September rolls around you get to bust out everything from a nice pair of jeans (furthermore, who doesn’t love a nice pair of jeans? Nice designer premium 12oz denim does anyone a service, to wear and to look at. Girls look good in them and men can feel like men wearing jeans, fantastic article of clothing) to a nice cozy flannel. Some of you, especially you girls love pulling out all the varieties of scarves for the fall season. I could go on for quite a while here with the vast array of clothing options, but I have to go, and the point is layering of clothing is fun and allows a new season of self expression. So whether you are bundling up or bundling down enjoy pulling out your fall colors, fabrics, materials, and layering away. Also, for all, special thanks to J.Crew for supporting September fashion.

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