Monday, September 27, 2010

Reason Number 17 - Release of Fall Catalogs

Reason number seventeen would be the fall release of catalogs.  There are two major prepping points for the year, one of which is the initiation of summer and the second of which is the preparation for fall/winter.  With the changing of season you are either refreshing the wardrobe, furniture, storage, or just in need of a refresh in general.  Each September our mail boxes (both physical and electronic) are ballooned with a plethora of catalogs.  From cooking to electronics to clothing to storage, everyone from J. Crew to Crate & Barrel has a catalog they send out come fall time.  

To some this may seem like a stupid thing to look forward to, but in fact is quite the contrary; it helps make educated buying decisions as consumers and reduce the propensity for buyer’s remorse.  Furthermore, it allows for proper cost-benefit analysis and side-by-side product comparisons to make well informed decisions and increases overall purchasing power.  It is also just fun to see what new designs, functions, form this fall will bring for the months ahead.  Costco has released their fall catalog for viewing and once again Mr. Cost seizes to amaze me with the new items he will bring in to his stores with the upmost quality and the most competitive warehouse pricing.  Example, I saw for $200 off an 8-pack of HD.264 Night Vision security camera’s with a 500gb hard-drive, do I need this, well no, am I going to get it, probably not, but nonetheless it is $399 after that discount, a shockingly good price for what is being offered.  With the economy down and out it is darn enjoyable to see the price wars on refreshed item lineups from our favorite stores/manufacturers and these catalogs bring out the first glimpses each fall.  So patiently keep checking your mailboxes for the new fall catalogs to arrive and enjoy flipping through the pages of new product offerings. 

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